LEAN Manufacturing training

LEAN Manufacturing training
Help your company remain competitive, innovative, and profitable in today’s business environment, where global competition and demands for price reductions heavily impact management decisions. Implement lean to enhance cost and cycle-time reduction, improve customer satisfaction, and standardize high quality. Learn the lean methods you can use to minimize all forms of waste and maximize value for your customers.
Learning Objectives:
Understand the difference between traditional 'push' and the lean 'pull' systems.
Identify the typical wastes of lean and how those wastes reduce an organization's profits, competitive edge and customer satisfaction.
Recognize how lean directly addresses the elimination/reduction of operating costs, cycle time and non value-added activities.
Make better use of employees' time and brainpower in a team environment.
Develop a plan for starting a Lean journey in your organization.
Who Should Attend:
Employees at all levels in all departments can apply these tools and strategies to improve workplace performance. Supervisory or management personnel will especially benefit from this course. For the full commitment and participation in Lean Enterprise, an understanding of lean concepts is important for the CEO, president, vice presidents, functional managers, or other senior management, including quality and process improvement leaders.
Duration: 2 Days
Price: 850 DT HT company (150DT for student and others)
Location: Tunis
Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 09:00